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Great Point Partners

Typically, the companies we invest in are in the enviable position of having numerous strategic and financial options. Management teams select Great Point because we constitute the best fit with their own guiding principles and established culture as well as the fact that we have sponsored and achieved success with numerous companies over the years.

Our principal role is to support corporate objectives and provide critical advice and guidance on strategic, financial, and management issues. We also bring extensive experience in helping companies successfully complete the complex process of initial public offerings, financings and mergers and acquisitions. As you think about Great Point’s distinguishing characteristics, consider the following benefits.

Significant Investment Experience

Our Managing Directors bring more than 75 collective years of private equity experience, averaging 15 years per Managing Director. We have a robust pool of talent, with more than 20 investment professionals in our Greenwich office and have invested in more than 100 growth companies across a broad range of sectors within health care.

Sourcing and Financing Tuck-in Acquisitions That Accelerate Growth

Our platform companies acquire on average three of their competitors or companies which provide a product line / geographic extension. We source these tuck-in acquisitions and arrange for bank acquisition lines (that do not require business owners to provide a personal guarantee). These acquisitions that we source lead to more rapid growth and equity appreciation.

Recognized Sponsorship Value

Our firm's unique "franchise" as a leading investment firm in the field of health care private equity conveys a valuable endorsement to growing companies.

Substantial Capital Resources

We currently manage approximately $750 million of equity capital. Capital for our funds has been committed from world-renowned organizations and endowments.

Significant Managing Director Personal Financial Commitment

Approximately 8 percent of every dollar invested in your company comes from people who work at Great Point. This ratio is among the highest of private equity firms.

Deep Financial Network

We have excellent relationships with senior lenders and investment banks.

Long-Term Partnership

We enhance the value of your business through sourcing fold-in acquisitions, executive and board recruiting, and strategic and financial advice.

Majority and Minority Investments

We offer a wide range of liquidity and ownership options.