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Great Point Partners

All business owners and management teams eventually need to consider one or more of the following objectives:

  • How to fund growth
  • How to provide liquidity to their private shareholders who may want cash
  • How to optimize their business either by buying an asset or shedding an asset
  • How to diversify their net worth while maintaining operational control of their business

Entrepreneurs and management teams can use Great Point equity capital to achieve these and other business and shareholder objectives.

Uses of Great Point Capital

Shareholder Liquidity allows founders and other shareholders of privately held companies to “have their cake and eat it too” by diversifying their financial holdings while retaining control of their business. The ability to take capital “off the table” at closing provides for more comfort in personal financial planning.

Growth Recapitalizations provide liquidity for shareholders seeking to sell a significant portion of their business, while allowing them to retain executive leadership and work with Great Point to strengthen their management team. Post recapitalization, management teams and Great Point are both equity investors – our interests are aligned and our shared objective will be to build significant long-term value.

Growth Capital allows businesses to expand more rapidly with cash from our investment.

Acquisition Financing allows businesses to grow through "fold-in" acquisitions.

Leveraged Buyouts enable management teams to obtain operational control and receive ownership stakes in companies acquired from corporate parents or other significant shareholders.

Divestitures and Spin-offs allow public or private companies to sell off subsidiaries while empowering management teams.