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Great Point Partners


Please send a resumé that includes your college GPA and standardized test scores along with a one-page cover letter stating your interest in Great Point Partners and your qualifications for the position to:

David Kroin


Associates support senior investment professionals in analyzing specific publicly traded companies for investment by the Biomedical Value Fund (BMVF). They attend investment conferences, review primary data, complete financial models, and assist in the complete due diligence process. Hedge fund associates must have a strong interest in sourcing investable ideas in the public markets.


Associates who join Great Point Partners possess a strong record of academic achievement from a leading college, typically graduating with academic honors. All Associates have previous work experience in consulting, investment banking, or investment research.


Compensation is highly competitive and includes base pay, bonus, health care coverage, 401(k), and the ability to invest in the Biomedical Value Fund. The Associate position is a two to three-year commitment, and some Associates are promoted to Senior Associate after this initial period. Others return to a top business school.

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