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Biomedical Value Fund – Public Equity

Public Equity Funds:

The BioMedical Value Fund (BMVF) is an equity long/short, deep value investment fund with an emphasis on Directly Negotiated Investments ("DNI's") with small capitalization companies in the biomedical industry. The Fund is approximately $500 million in size and has a decade long track record.

The biomedical industry is attractive for many reasons including its rapid growth profile within the large and growing health care industry and the technological and regulatory barriers which provide advantages for sector specialists. The investment team, which is led by portfolio managers who have been working together for well over a decade, employs a fundamentally driven stock selection process. The process emphasizes deep value, technology evaluation, and predicting high conviction catalysts for valuation changes. The investment team is trained to identify asymmetric risk/reward situations.

The investment team's goal of creating excess returns is driven through its expertise in directly negotiated investments (“DNI’s), which includes registered direct offerings, underwritten registered direct offerings, private investments in unregistered public equities and structured preferred and debt financings. Directly negotiated investments often have superior risk reward dynamics to open market transactions due to a longer due diligence process, improved access to management, and superior securities including market discounts, warrants and preferences. The BMVF team has unique industry relationships and a recognized reputation as the leading investor in health care directly negotiated investments.

Management teams of life sciences companies are encouraged to contact us directly if they would like to meet with us in our offices in Greenwich, Connecticut.